Do you wish for peace of mind and pray for World Peace? Would you like to leave the planet a better place?

Introducing The Peace Prophecy: Vision 2013, the first book in a trilogy of sacred texts written to uplift humanity to the new Peace Consciousness.

Read The Peace Prophecy and learn how you can make a contribution to World Peace by creating inner peace. Yes, we can make a difference—and together, we will!

Dr. Elaine Christine wrote a process for World Peace in 1998 and had a vision of the peace symbol while walking the beach the morning of August 5, 2000. For the next eight years, she wrote more than 57 inches of material in 19 binders known as The Christine Revelation. She founded AquaTerra in 2005 and on Mother's Day in 2009 she published The Peace Prophecy: Vision 2013. Christine mentors The Peace Prophecy online book study and trains, certifies, and registers Peace Process facilitators.

The Peace Prophecy: Vision 2013 will teach you a powerful breathing technique that brings peace of mind and you will learn how to process the thought of inner peace in just six steps. At the end of each of the ten book chapters there are three introspective questions to help you discover your unique spiritual path as it unfolds with joy!

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In The Peace Prophecy: Vision 2013, you will learn:

  • Three methods to promote an awakening in human potential:  Peace BEE, the Peace Process, and the new Peace Consciousness.

  • Peace BEE, a five-minute breathing technique to calm your mind, nourish your body, and bring harmony to your spirit.

  • How to take your personal issues through the six-step Peace Process—by yourself or in a group—and make your own contributions to World Peace.

  • Five individual Peace Process sessions Christine facilitated to help heal problems of self-esteem, debt, negative patterns, unresolved childhood issues, and stress.

  • The key to freeing our collective subconscious from isolation and revealing the embrace of a higher consciousness—and the eternal message translated for all people.

  • The vision of peace on August 5, 2000 is significant as 8 + 5 + 2000 adds to 2013, which points to the time humanity is destined to awaken to its true divine nature.

When you’re ready to take a joyful journey to inner peace, this is all you need to do:
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Testimonials for The Peace Prophecy: Vision 2013:

"Thank you, Christine, for sharing your Peace Process with me. It literally worked overnight!"
Gretchen North, New York

"I know I’m not the only person that you have given the gift of inner peace. It amazes me how when my ducks aren’t flying in the same direction, I take a deep breath and start over. You changed my life with that Process."
Coni Johnson, Florida

“Christine, you know how sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees? After my Peace Process session with you, I had clarity and knew the route I needed to take. Thank you for this process! It certainly helped me at a time when I was most in need. ”
Nancy Strong, Illinois

"Thanks so much for taking me through the Peace Process! What I really liked was that love is the only way to heal, to reconcile. To get rid of stress by sending love to those who caused it for you. The magic was in the Work, to send love to the source of your concern. I appreciate the gift you have given me. Many blessings!"
Paul Hoyt, California

Our purpose is peace. Our vision is simple: Peace to Every Mind

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The Peace Prophecy will lead your soul on its journey home. To help you get started, Christine has selected some priceless gifts that you’ll receive with your purchase of
The Peace Prophecy: Vision 2013

The A to Zing of Living Your Dreams

Ignite your imagination to inspire your dreams and goals! The A to Zing of Living Your Dreams from dream diva Linda Sands provides a beautiful roadmap for your self-discovery and creative expression. Her gift will help connect you with your purpose and passion. Begin to move confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the divine plan for your life.

The Awakening

Will you awaken and co-create a new world of peace? This audio message is a call from the Blessed Mother for global change recorded one month after the tragedies of 9/11/2001. Samarah Leia is a messenger of Mother Mary who was guided to share her call to action with all who choose to create a world of peace and harmony. Samarah offers her love to all as we birth this dream together in The Awakening.

My Heart
Christine shares an inspired poem celebrating the passion between lover and beloved. She wrote My Heart in 2002 when her friend Norm Ingeldson invited her to speak at the Chapel for Inner Peace. Christine literally came out of the closet dressed as the bride of Christ in a beautiful bridal gown to share from her heart.

The New Consciousness
Two thousand years ago, as head of the Essene Community, she was known in that lifetime as Judith, too. Today, Judith Coates continues the mission to promote world peace, respect for all life, and empower each person to fulfill their highest potential. She brings you the wisdom of Jeshua expressing an understanding of and a love for our divine nature in The New Consciousness.

The Peace Prophecy Star Child Journal
Guaranteed to improve your life in 30 days! With 30 exercises to guide you on your journey, The Peace Prophecy Star Child Journal helps you record your personal reflections for self discovery. The Journal provides encouragement and inspiration for your life with 10 easy-to-print pages in PDF format. With one exercise per day, you'll see progress in a month and be able to review the experience of your personal transformation!

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